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Stop telling me what I think

Story time. In my class today we had a guest speaker that we were assured we would all love because he’s done it all. Sure whatever.  He’s supposed to give us a spiel about classroom management but then (And it gets good) He’s starts talking about how in relationships there’s often an unequal level of love between men and women where women give more. (What???? How did we get here?) Then he says ”There’s two things that all the young woman I have asked say they are looking for in a man. All of them the same two things. What go you think they are?” Ignoring the fact that this is very heteronormative, especially for an education class where everyone should be included. (nevermind. not ignoring the fact. NOT ALL WOMEN WANT A MAN!) All women? Seriously? Fuck you! Stop trying to tell me what I look for in a man. Just fucking stop. ”The first one is cute. They always want him to be cute.” How fucking dare we, I know. Woman and their obsession with looks. That’s why men must be decently covered at all times…oh wait. “And what’s the second?” No one responds.  (I almost raised my hand to say “a dick” but I was able to control myself. Unfortunately.) "Funny. It’s cute and funny is what every young lady is looking for in a man." Then is gets even fucking worse. He starts telling young women what they should be looking for in a man instead! EXCUSE ME! He tells us we should be looking for someone who would take care of us in our old age because looks and those superficial things don’t last. (Nevermind that statistically women live longer anyway.) Keep in mind that he says nothing to the young men! Nothing! They are obviously fucking fine, especially the ones who aren’t cute and funny. Women. That’s where the problem is. We’re so troublesome. Us and our inane desires. haha where would we be without this solid bit of advice to save us? 

And then later ( the very best part) he mentions how he was never cute or funny. Then my head fucking exploded. (I think I might actually be dead typing this right now.)

In summary this seventy year old white dude is telling a bunch of young woman that they should find men like him. He spent ten minutes of my life trying to get the next generation of himself laid. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? How entitled is this motherfucker that he’s trying to tell me what I think and what i should be thinking? WHAT A FUCK!


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with farscape and it made me think, because farscape is probably one of the last shows (that I love) that I would say that about.

But then I thought that I am never critical enough about the media I love so since quite a few of you are discussing farscape on my dash right now (and I love you for it) let’s discuss what you think the show’s biggest flaws are. 

So people have mentioned the POC issues, but I haven”t read through all the comments. One thing that really bothers me lately is how unapologetically rapey farscape is. John threatens to rape Chi in Crackers Don’t Matter and he’s supposed to be the most sane of the group? And fans always talk about hilarious this episode is and parts of it are funny. But it’s also disturbing and it’s supposed to be. So that’s more of a fans thing. In Scratch’N Sniff tho Chi and Jool are drugged and raped, if John is telling the truth, and it’s never acknowledged again. The whole story is about John and D’argo instead. And Everyone knows that Eat Me is a very disturbing but D’argo gets sexually assaulted and it’s treated like a joke. Haha Farscape. And Stark is super creepy with Aeryn. Then Chi is raped inbetween seasons which is a story line we never visit again in the show. Although I liked how they handled it in her character. And John gets drugged and raped. I realize this was like a theme in season four but in previous seasons it was handled really badly.

                Then there are the women’s issues. Like the fact that I think farscape has like three episodes that would pass the Bechdel test. All of it’s women are highly sexualized, except for Noranti. While John also wears tight leather pants, if you look at Chi, jool, sikozu, Grayza, Zhann, and sometimes Aeryn their costumes are just like boobs boobs boobs. I get Chi and Grayza and maybe even Zhann but Jool and Sikozu? Seriously. John gets love interests. Aeryn has one guy before she meets John. And they elected super masculine man-child D’argo as captain when it clearly should have been Aeryn. I’m glad it wasn’t John, but still. And the slut-shaming. Especailly from other women. I realize these are very not perfect characters but there’s so much of it. Even John defends her by saying she’s not a tralk when he should be saying not to call her that. you know?

Those are my big problems anyway. Thanks. this was fun.


When I was studying abroad in England, my friends and I went to a restaurant in Nottingham. I know Americans can complain about services there vs here (my friend cest-la-bri will probably never get over the “no free refills” thing), but I dug the vibe. It wasn’t so in-your-face. Anyway, I love…

Thank you for using me as the ugly american example, tfs. I still have nightmares about empty glasses ;)





This is so cool! But what country are they from? “Africa” is really vague.

Their names are Duro-Aina Adebola, Akindele Abiola, Faleke Oluwatoyin, and Bello Eniola and they’re from Lagos, Nigeria. There’s a neat video about them here.

Also when will people realise that AFRICA IS NOT ONE BIG COUNTRY and that saying ‘African Scientists’ is like saying ‘European Scientist’ to describe someone from the dozens of countries in the EU

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